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Shift IT from routine maintenance to strategic development 

Multiple operating environments, rapidly evolving IT infrastructure, constant pressure to safeguard corporate data and keep applications and systems up to date. It's no wonder that many IT teams find that maintaining and managing applications and services risks becoming a full-time job — leaving them with no time for strategic IT development, digital transformation and innovation activities to support changing business needs. 

Organisations like yours are recognising the issue, and realising it can be resolved with the help of managed application services. In fact, by 2022, the global market for such services is expected to grow by 36% compared with 2017¹. 

It's time to change the game 

You can offload day-to-day maintenance and management tasks by entrusting them to Konica Minolta. Whether your servers and applications are at your own site, in a data centre or in a private or public cloud, you can benefit from a range of Managed Application Services covering: 

  • Application monitoring, maintenance and management 
  • Server monitoring, maintenance and management 
  • Security services, including automatic security updates and antivirus services 
  • Software updates and patch management 
  • Managed backups to prevent data loss 
  • Helpdesk services 

As well as having us manage your existing applications, you can take advantage of our managed services for print and print queue management, document and image processing workflows; information and document management; and cloud data centre IaaS. You'll have the peace of mind of knowing these services are kept secure and up to date by our team of experts; and you'll ensure your IT team is free to focus on higher-value tasks. 

¹ Source: marketsandmarkets, Managed Application Services Market by Service – Global Forecast 2022

Benefits of Managed Application Services

Always up to date

Applications and services stay current and comply with the latest security standards.

More time for IT development

Released from everyday tasks, IT teams have more time for technology development and innovation to help drive your business forward.

Services you can rely on

Your IT applications and services are monitored, maintained and managed by our skilled experts to keep them running smoothly.

Cost control

Our Managed Application Services are provided in return for a regular monthly fee, which simplifies budgeting and cost management.
CSEEE success story header image

CSEEE: Fully integrated automated office and IT architecture

In 2018, the CSEEE wanted to implement a “one-stop shop” solution to manage its information system, ensuring the smooth exchange and security of data. The specifications comprised Office Automation, IT Infrastructure and Document Management.​ Thanks to Workplace Hub, CSEEE now boasts a fully integrated automated office and IT architecture, providing high processing speeds and secure access to data.

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Take your business forward with Konica Minolta Managed Application Services 

We're always on hand to help our customers resolve any issues. That’s why we've won the BLI PaceSetter Award for Serviceability and Support 2020-2021 in Western Europe from Keypoint Intelligence for the second time.  

This award recognises us for tools and offerings that improve serviceability and support for our customers, including our company vision, in-field support, environment, tools, and the training provided to service technicians across direct and indirect channels. It calls out our adaptability to the current situation, noting that the way we support customers remotely and via online training while maintaining the highest quality standards is outstanding in the market. 


A step-by-step guide on how to relieve your internal IT staff of repetitive tasks

Small and medium-sized businesses in particular have a lot of items on their digital agenda. In light of limited IT budgets and resources, making the right decisions based on clear priorities is key.

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What are the consequences of an inadequate IT environment?

In this whitepaper, we examine the importance of a well-maintained and up-to-date IT infrastructure, the various challenges IT teams are facing and the consequences for the overall operation of a business. You can then use these considerations to conduct a detailed examination of your own IT arrangements.

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