Kako zagotoviti, da boste obravnavali pravega pacienta

Zapestnice, ki jih je mogoče lasersko tiskati

Prilagojene zapestnice

Preprečitev napak pri identifikaciji pacientov je ključni dejavnik pri najboljši zdravstveni praksi. Čeprav so tovrstni primeri redki in običajno pravočasno odkriti, pa lahko takšni »primeri napačnega pacienta« privedejo do napačnega zdravljenja in imajo lahko resne posledice.

Rešitev? Prilagojene zapestnice! Z zapestnicami Konica Minolta, ki jih je mogoče lasersko tiskati, so zdaj napake, kot je zdravljenje napačnega pacienta ali izvajanje napačnega zdravljenja, povsem zastarele. Tiskanje zapestnic je učinkovit način za izboljšanje upravljanja pacientov in vaše delovne zmogljivosti.




With Konica Minolta laser printers, patient wristbands and chart labels can be printed on a single sheet, allowing information to be printed quicker and streamlining patient hospitalisation workflows.

Strojna oprema
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Compatibility with office laser printers

Using a comprehensive test procedure and a representative selection of its printers, Konica Minolta can recommend to customers which type of Zebra LaserBand wristband would be most appropriate for their needs. As well as endorsing the quality and compatibility of the LaserBand patient wristbands by carrying out an extensive test report, Konica Minolta develops detailed recommendations regarding optimal printer settings, ensuring the best-possible results and high levels of reliability in a clinical context.

Programska oprema
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Communication with Healthcare Information System

Bringing patient data into the digital world: one application connects Konica Minolta bizhub systems to healthcare software applications for instant capturing, distribution and management of paper-based information, or conversion of patient data into barcode or QR code.

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Innovative consumables for routine clinical use

Developed specifically for the healthcare industry, the LaserBand patient wristband is a sophisticated, robust and easy-to-use solution featuring integrated protective foil to protect the applied laser print perfectly. Combined with built-in self-adhesive labels, this premium tape helps simplify and speed up patient hospitalisation workflows, letting employees print label sheets and patient wristbands in a single operation. The LaserBand is available in ‘sheetlet’ (envelope-size) format, or a popular A4 format combining integrated adhesive labels with versions for adults, children and babies. The premium patient wristband is provided by Diagramm Halbach Germany. This Zebra Supplies Specialist Partner manufactures individually die-cut labels within A4 wristband sheets, as well as providing plain A4 and sheetlet LaserBand wristbands.

Key Features

Konica Minolta’s wristband printing options let healthcare facilities provide patients with better care. Any medical personnel and physicians in attendance can easily identify the patient and prescribe the correct treatment according to the patient’s chart and lab tests, while caregivers can simply scan the barcode on the wristband to access the patient’s information. LaserBand wristbands can be printed in A4 format or as a sheetlet, making it a more cost-effective solution. A single A4 sheet contains one wristband with 20 chart labels. These are printed simultaneously, simplifying patients’ ID processes.



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Compatible with Laser and Inkjet printers worldwide

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Quick and easy application to patient’s wrist. Comfortable for infants as well as the elderly

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Self-laminating seal protects wristband and data from water and other liquids

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Wristband comes with extender bar, making identification of bariatric and oedema patients more flexible

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Wristbands include tamper-evident security slits, ensuring wristbands cannot be removed and re-applied

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