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Cost savings and efficiency improvements are key drivers for almost any organisation today, regardless of size and sector. In many cases, there are opportunities to transform everyday tasks with technology in order to make those gains.

Consider, for example, the time and effort it takes to process incoming paper-based mail (like invoices) manually; or to maintain corporate inventory or customer contact information using spreadsheets. If you could manage tasks like these by digitising documents, implementing workflows, or by introducing automation, how much money could you save? And how much more time would employees have to focus on higher-value, strategic activities?

The first step to transforming time-consuming, repetitive processes generally involves converting paper documents to digital; or switching from spreadsheets to more specialised applications, such as enterprise resource planning (ERP) or customer relationship management (CRM) systems. Once you get that information under control — stored, managed and accessible digitally — you'll find you can simplify sharing and collaboration, monitor the progress of a task, maintain information security, increase productivity, and enable more in-depth data analytics and reporting.

Other repetitive processes that generally rely on people also lend themselves to automation. For a manufacturing company, quality inspection of parts or products may be critical to revenues — helping you avoid costly rework and disappointed customers. But human inspectors may become tired, get distracted or make mistakes; or you may have a heavy training burden owing to high staff turnover. Automating quality inspection using video analytics can ensure a much higher degree of consistency and accuracy, leading to better quality products, improved customer satisfaction and increased revenues.

Benefits of Workflow and Automation

Save time and money by relying on technology and software solutions to support or replace people for routine processing tasks


Increase the accuracy and consistency of tasks and outputs by establishing defined workflows and automating steps or entire processes


Support your organisation's digital transformation by integrating digital documents directly into your processes


Enhance employee satisfaction by releasing them from day-to-day drudgery to focus on more complex and strategic work


We'll help you get workflow and automation right

Research shows that, typically, employees spend only 43% of their working day on primary value-adding duties.*  Small wonder that 48% of them complain about inappropriate use of their skills.**  Understanding the waste of time, money and expertise that represents, Konica Minolta offers a range of workflow and automation capabilities to help you lighten the admin load and deliver better outcomes for your customers, your business and your employees.

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** World's Most Hated Office Tasks; Automation Anywhere/OnePoll, 2020


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