Prihodnost tiskanja: spletno tiskanje

Zakaj spletno tiskanje nudi vse spletne tiskalne rešitve, ki jih boste kdaj potrebovali

Rešitve spletnega in e-tiskanja, ki jih bodo vaše stranke uporabljale

Internet in elektronsko trženje sta postala ključna sestavna dela vsakodnevnega življenja in se hitro razvijata v kanala, ki se uporabljata za veliko večino poslovnih transakcij.

Da boste lahko ostali konkurenčni tudi v prihodnje, bodo komercialni tiskalniki za mala in srednje velika podjetja morali nuditi rešitve spletnega tiskanja, vključno z oddaljenim založništvom, tiskanjem prek interneta in e-poslovnim tiskanjem, da boste lahko komunicirali o svojih izdelkih in storitvah ter jih prodajali. Vaše stranke bodo že poznale sisteme za spletno tiskanje ter spletne sisteme in bodo dobro vajeni kupovati izdelke, kot so knjige, pisarniški material in voščilnice, ter storitve, kot so potovanja, podatkovne shrambe in računalništvo v oblaku.

Zato je spletno tiskanje ključnega pomena za vas kot ponudnika storitev tiskanja. Z njim se lahko vaše storitve razlikujejo od ponudbe konkurentov, znižajo režijski stroški, poveča učinkovitost in še veliko več.

Kaj lahko torej spletno tiskanje naredi zame kot tiskarja? 

Spletno tiskanje nudi najrazličnejše prednosti v tiskalnem okolju, med drugim:

  • Prihranek časa in stroškov za tržne oddelke strank
  • Lahko je v pomoč zaposlenim strank, ki skrbijo za tiskano gradivo
  • Strankam zagotavlja neprekinjeno možnost naročanja
  • Nudi pregled nad obdelavo naročila, s čimer se lahko zmanjša število poizvedb pri storitvah za stranke
  • V pomoč je zaposlenim strank, ki skrbijo za tiskano gradivo
  • Predstavlja spletno izložbeno okno z vsemi vašimi izdelki in storitvami, s čimer lahko povečate prodajo
  • Nudite lahko možnosti spletnega plačila, s čimer lahko izboljšate denarni pretok
  • Avtomatizira postopke naročanja, plačila in obračunavanja

Web to Print

Web to Print

So why is Web to Print so important?

Web 2 Print solutions are fast becoming essential components of a digital printer’s strategies not just in terms of access, but also sales, marketing and design. The options it offers are also critical tools for overcoming the common burden of major increases in back office administration generated by high volumes of low run, low cost jobs. Most print provider’s administrative processes and conventional management information systems are suited to offset production and struggle with the demands of a digital print environment.

Strojna oprema
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Make your mark in the Web to Print online environment

With lightning-fast speeds, simple operation and powerful in-line finishing, the AccurioPress range of high-speed colour production printers raises the bar in digital productivity – saving time, labour costs and space on your production floor.

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The software you need to make the web work for you

Are you looking to hit the ground running when installing your Web 2 Print solutions? You need to start with exactly the right software. AccurioPro Flux Ultimate is a sophisticated Web 2 Print application that enables print service providers, in-house printshops, public authorities and the educational sector to offer secure, job ticket-based online submission of print jobs. End-users can then take advantage of this convenient service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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Always at your Service

Our experienced, knowledgeable specialist staff will answer any questions you may have, and show you how to operate your product. Our services function for your benefit, within a support system designed to ensure you and your company benefit fully from the solutions. We offer a range of different services, including optimised print services to combine your consulting; hardware and software implementation; workflow management to lower your document spending; and smart security services, to keep your business safe.

Prihodnost tiskanja: spletno tiskanje

Prihodnost tiskanja: spletno tiskanje

Web to Print is no longer an option; it is a solution print providers simply have to be offering.

Web 2 Print lets customers comfortably order, upload and preview their jobs online. Print-ready documents can be provided in catalogues, while non-print articles can also be offered for ordering. The application checks whether files are printable, images provided by the customer feature the proper resolution, fonts are embedded, and transparencies have been included. Most Web-to-Print applications let clients customise pre-designed templates and upload their own content for automated print production. 

So what is Web to Print, and why do you need it?

End-to-end solution

Web-to-Print is an end-to-end solution for the procurement and management of print

Efficient and effective

Web-to-Print and digital storefronts are the print sector’s version of e-commerce, using the internet to commission print more efficiently and cost-effectively

Quick and easy

It provides a quick and easy tool for customers to calculate prices


Web 2 Print solutions let anyone procure print solutions from a computer no matter what their location, approve PDFs, and send it all instantly to the printer


Optimised for B2B print providers and in-house printing

How does AccurioPro Flux help you?

Accurio Pro Flux - the automated print flow solution

shaping print to business.

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Enabling business through Web to Print

How your in-house print room can profit

In today's networked corporate environments many of the internal processes are already web-based. So why shouldn't in-house printing be as well?

Web to Print (W2P) offers in-house print rooms an exciting opportunity to enhance the efficiency, convenience and speed with which print orders can be placed and implemented. W2P enables print orders to be placed at any time because the print room is open for business 24/7. Besides, W2P makes significant savings possible – both company-wide and within the print room. As most in-house print rooms are run as profit centres, the economic advantages of W2P are particularly important.

How your business will benefit from Web to Print in the print room:

  • Print room open for business 24/7
  • Time and money savings
  • More efficient order processes
  • Extend service to internal customers
  • Order-tracking functionality
  • Higher degree of automation

How an in-house print room profits from Web to Print:

  • Costs cut
  • Profits boosted
  • Productivity increased
  • Order processes streamlined
  • Re-order print jobs easily
  • Relationships with internal customers improved
  • Number of time-consuming enquiries reduced

Cost-cutting self-service is one of the biggest benefits W2P brings to an in-house print room. Can you afford to miss out on this technology?

High productivity to enhance print profitability

High productivity to enhance print profitability

Meet the growing needs of new generation digital challenges

The AccurioPrint range of digital systems is designed to meet the growing needs of new generation digital challenges. Meticulously engineered for print providers and professionals, these systems offer outstanding colour reproduction and registration stability, as well as creating digitalised files from hard copies, efficiently and reliably.

Why you need to have Web to Print as part of your print skillset?

The trend towards online and cloud computing will affect all of us sooner rather than later, as more and more customers migrate online and expect your business to offer web-based services.

The volume of e-commerce has grown exponentially across the world over the past two decades. Where the number of net users was just 0.4% in 1995, it had jumped to 34.8% by 2012, and was continuing to explode. The most mature market, the US, was still growing at 8% per annum in 2015, while China was due to overtake it in volume terms in 2015 and triple its volume of online trading by 2020.

The potential benefits of this growth trend for the printing industry, in the form of Web 2 Print, are vast. Web 2 Print lets Print Service Providers extend their range of print products, offering creative online solutions, providing services such as remote publishing around the clock, and streamlining job processing.

Contact us for further information

Contact us for further information

Contact us

If you think you could benefit with some advice on how to grow your Web 2 Print capacity with the Digital1234 programme, please click on Contact Us to make an appointment with a Konica Minolta representative, who will personally take you through the Full Implementation Guide!

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