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Is it a challenge to access the right information at the right time? Are there too many different tools to choose from when you want to find a document? Can it sometimes feel like you're losing control of your data? You're not alone. Data volumes have expanded massively over recent years and the rate of growth continues to accelerate: analysts predict a fivefold increase in data volumes over the seven years to 2025.

Without efficient tools to manage this flood of data, there's a real risk of drowning. Your organisation could find itself:

  • Missing out on business opportunities
  • Shouldering a heavy admin burden
  • Coping with rising costs of internal processes
  • Struggling to comply with regulations like GDPR

That's why effective, intelligent information management — in the past also labelled as enterprise content management (ECM) — is critical to helping organisations put their data to work.


Benefits of Intelligent Information Management

Rapid access to the right data

Powerful search functionality lets you find and retrieve relevant information at the right time, quickly and easily.

Secure information access

With full control over permissions (which can be enabled through integration with Active Directory and LDAP), you can closely manage who has access to which information.

Digital transformation

Managing and accessing information digitally helps your organisation move to paperless processes and saves valuable physical space.

Efficiency through automation

Automated information workflows streamline manual tasks and processes, saving time and costs and increasing your ROI.

Increased productivity

Simple, transparent workflows help people find the information they need more quickly, which boosts productivity.

Support for compliance

Audit-proof documentation of your processes supports your compliance with data protection regulations such as GDPR.

Revision-safe archiving

Archived information can no longer be changed or edited, so the integrity of your historical records is maintained.

Better online collaboration

A coherent, shared digital environment helps remote and dispersed teams work together more effectively


Over 19,500 customers in Europe trust Konica Minolta for Intelligent Information Management

We know that one size doesn't fit all, so we aim to develop customisable solutions that integrate seamlessly into your existing infrastructure and meet your identified expectations. More than 19,500 customers in Europe already rely on Konica Minolta as a partner to help them solve their information management challenges. As well as offering our own solutions, we partner with industry leaders in information management, such as Microsoft, Hyland, M-Files and UiPath.

Intelligent information management and its meaning for organisational efficiency

Across business fields, companies’ workflows and opportunities are becoming ever more dependent on information management. Managing this information will be an increasingly demanding task. Without efficient tools to manage and organise this flood of data, business potential is lost and management efforts as well as costs for internal processes increase exponentially.

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